Neon Paisley Backpack Doll Carrier

$ 29.95

**Please Note: This is the last Neon Paisley Backpack left**

Are you and your doll always on the go? Our doll carriers are perfect for playdates, slumber parties, day trips, and vacations.

Stop waiting for your daughter to get all of her dolls things ready at the last minute. Now she can have all of the most important items right at her fingertips all the time.

Dolly Outfitters' own simple construction makes it so easy to place your doll, wear, and go. It is just as easy to remove your doll once you arrive. There are no complicated buckles to work with or velcro to line up just right.

Our doll carriers feature durable quilted fabric, adjustable straps to accomodate the size of girl wearing the bag, two-way, heavy-duty bag zipper, stylish fabric prints, and are totally machine washable.

The backpacks measure 11 inches wide, 13 inches tall, and 4 inches deep. Both Bitty Baby and American Girl dolls fit in the backpacks!

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